London Bridges

I passionately love photographing bridges and London is one of the best places to do it!  Why is it the best place?  Firstly because I CAN photograph them and secondly, because the variety of the bridges here is amazing; in fact, London owes its very existence to bridges – its location upon the banks of the Thames was defined by the lowest crossing point of the river. However, until the eighteenth century, the only bridge in the town was London Bridge. The famous bridge built by Peter de Colechurch in 1209 that lasted over six hundred years is no more, possibly for the better as its numerous buildings, fires and traffic jams would be too trying in our times. Anyway, it’s not about London Bridge, but bridges in general and how to bring these lifeless objects to life. I find them most appealing at night, when they glitter and show off as if its Christmas time! Now back to the issue of “because I can”.  In some countries, like India, if my memory serves me right, photographing bridges is illegal. It was also illegal in many communist countries before the fall of the Berlin wall. Back to London however, here I am enjoying my freedom taking picture of Albert Bridge and suddenly a police officer appears from nowhere an asks me what I am doing! Playing hide and seek, I wanted to say, but joking with a policeman might be a tricky strategy. I do understand they have to investigate all suspicious behaviour but with my massive tripod and equally massive camera, I can hardly blend with the crowd to carry out some subversive terrorist activities!  I think I will buy a T-shirt and print on the back “I am a photographer, my job is to take photographs”!



  1. Lizzie ShepherdLizzie Shepherd05-02-2013

    A wonderful illustration of some of London’s best, Beata! You are right to make the point about freedom to photograph – we certainly are in a better position than many in this respect. You were equally right not to get sarcy with the policeman – I remember my husband doing so many years ago in Edinburgh and he threatened to arrest him – he wasn’t joking either! 😉

  2. adminadmin05-03-2013

    Thank you Lizzie, I do love London! Yes, you are right, some policemen do not have sense of humour, but security guards are sometimes worse!

  3. wow! what a brilliant picture of bridges these are! its a creative work.. darkness with light it makes the picture stunning!

  4. adminadmin09-15-2013

    Thank you Leanna, London at night is fascinating!

  5. Hello, Admin ,Thank you for sharing such colorful stunning London’s night picture. Lights are reflecting on the river ,it’s really fascinating.

  6. adminadmin09-19-2013

    Thank you Lara, glad you like my work!

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