Rock Adventures

Costa Vicentina National Park extends along the coast of the Algarve and the Alentejo. This south western part of Iberian Peninsula captivated my heart totally. Geomorphological coastal formations in this part of Portugal are simply stunning. Be it Mesozoic structures, Carboniferous shales or Pleistocene cemented dunes, the formations are massive, varied and fascinating. The additional danger of cliff instabilities adds to the thrill of its exploration. Obviously I always am aware of the possibilities of rock falls and landslides, so I do keep a reasonable distance, but this tectonically active area draws me like a magnet and sometimes perhaps I get too close for comfort to the edge of the cliff or an overhanging parapet. To see the massive rocks twisted and turned sideways, to follow the raised beach deposits, to observe fossils and ancient creatures preserved in sedimentary rocks is a visual overload but oh so welcomed! I could spend weeks or months studying the perfect geometry of layers suddenly thrown into chaos as if by an invisible giant. These geological settings leave me feeling small and insignificant and in awe of their majesty, but in a strange way, peaceful and in unity with nature.





  1. Deborah HughesDeborah Hughes06-02-2013

    Nice description and wonderful images, Beata! Though I’m no geologist, rocks are my religion, home and outdoor decor, as well as the subject of poetry and of course photography. Rock on!

  2. adminadmin06-02-2013

    Deborah, I love the way you say that rocks are your religion, they do give me some sort of spiritual feel as well! I have admired your rock creations for some time and would love to spend more time working with them.

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