Not for the money

We photographers, talk a lot about money, how digital revolution changed our professional lives, how prices of the pictures dropped down rapidly and how many companies expect us to work for free, as there is an army of amateur photographers happy to publish their work for free, just for the kick of seeing their name printed. An interesting article about it was written in one of the photomags, where a well know photographer was trying to explain what is the true cost of picture taking and how it should never be given away for free.  What followed the article, was an outburst of many, how awful this approach was.  Really? Would you expect a dentist to treat you for the love of dentistry or a plumber to fix your drains, because he loves doing it? Can you pay your bills with the smile? We do work hard and have to protect our income. It doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything for free, but when we choose so!  I am very happy to lend my hand to interesting projects that serve the community or work for the charity of my choice, but I am not too happy to work for free because someone doesn’t respect my work! My latest contribution for the local community was to make a book about a gorgeous little Jacobean church where I got married. Built on Saxon ruins, with some additional Victorian extensions, it is tucked away in a conservation area with ancient fields and the Hogsmill River nearby.  The church has served the local community for centuries and it was a great honour to be able to record its exterior and interior for the future generations. Totally for free. My choice.







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