Glamorous Life

I was talking to my friend lately and he has commented what a glamorous and stress free life I lead! “You go to all these fantastic places, you watch the sunsets, take pictures of historic buildings and landscapes, swim in the sea, rest on top of the mountains, sip champagne and they pay you for it”! Errrr……is my life really so good I started to think? On paper, yes! I do go to some nice destinations, but so do many people. The only difference is that a lot of people when on holidays prefer to stay by the pool while I pack my gear and scout for the right locations. Usually these right locations are miles away from the beaten track, so heat or cold, rain or merciless sun, I have to walk there dripping in sweat or shivering with cold and wait for the right light. Most often hungry and thirsty. Sunsets are great, my favourite part of the day, but do I really have time to sit and watch? Not much, I run around trying to get the best composition and worry about exposure and lens flare. My tired hands shake when I change lenses or put filters on and I need to concentrate not to drop them and not to slip on wet rocks. Did I mention mosquitoes? I hate these little suckers, why they always find me irresistible?  Let’s talk about nice things though, champagne. Yes, I do shoot quite often a glass of champagne on the beach or some other nice locations, such pictures sell well, but the truth is that by the time I finish with taking pictures of the elegant flute with the bubbly stuff inside, it is not bubbly anymore and it tastes like hot lemonade! And no, it is never Dom Perignon 55’, most likely it is Cava! All that above is a good day, what about bad days when I have to shoot some not-so-interesting locations or simply boring everyday objects? Obviously all that is requested by the client to look fabulous! It really is a hard work! I work long hours photographing but even longer hours processing the pictures. Some pictures sell well, some, not so. Today a new sale came through from one of the picture agencies. A massive 6.67. Dollars. Minus 50% of the agency cut. Minus tax. You tell me, glamorous? Still, I wouldn’t want to change my profession. I love it. I discover great places and I do see some amazing sunsets – sometimes. The camera opens my eyes to the world, it allows me to see spectacular vistas and tiny details that normally I wouldn’t see, it makes me think how to show the essence of what I see and  later on, to see the printed image either in a book or on the wall and treasure it forever, remembering what I experienced while taking it. So I am a lucky lady, I think!



  1. Michela GriffithMichela Griffith08-03-2013

    Nicely written, Beata. Unfortunately too many people fail to appreciate the time and effort that goes into any creative activity, and if we were to put a price on this, nothing would sell. (But then look at all the food and manufactured items we now take for granted – can we really say the price we pay is fair to the people who actually produce the goods?) Common sense would say do something else, but never underestimate the value of a career based around something that you are passionate about.

  2. adminadmin08-03-2013

    Michela, stock and shares would be more sensible as a source of income, but I would die of boredom, so perhaps not rich, but healthier and happier, I am!

  3. WioletaWioleta08-17-2013

    It is refreshing to hear someone talk so openly about the prons and cons of their profession. And having great appreciation for all the fantastic job you’re doing I do believe that one day your pictures will lead you towards another form of artistic field where together or in some collaboration the world will take notice and reward you accordingly.

  4. adminadmin08-17-2013

    Thank you Wioleta, photography is a difficult profession, but thankfully there are a lot of rewards in it and a lot of fun too. To be noticed and to earn lots of money is the most difficult part 🙂 !

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