Aqua Aerobic

Snow, rain, hurricane – I have photographed in all these conditions but never did I expect that I will face my biggest challenge in sunny Italy, by the glorious Lake Garda! As waterfalls are like magnets for photographers, no wander that I could not resist visiting one that mesmerised Thomas Mann so much, that he wrote “The water pours down with a deafening noise at the back of the deep, narrow chasm formed by paunchy, bare, slippery rocks that resemble huge fish bellies “. My biggest worry was, will I be allow in with a tripod or not. How wrong was I worried about that! The waterfall is sourced from the river Magnone and has an impressive height of almost 100 meters.   I expected a spray, I expected dark spaces, I expected scores of tourist but I never expected that standing on the platforms where one can watch the cascades will be like being under the attack of the police dispersing rioters with the water cannons!   The man at the gate, seeing my camera and the tripod only shaked his head in disbelief and kind of a resignation.  “Silly blond”, I bet he thought! Well, he undermined my determination. Trillion of gallons of water would not stop me now. I ignored people wearing raincoats and jackets and braved the elements. Errr….mistake!  Big mistake. Soaked to the skin I started to explore all the nooks and crannies of the cave and found a few overhanging parapets that could give my poor camera a bit of a cover. Having only a couple of lens cleaning clothes as a protection, I used one for the lens cleaning and the second one wrapped around the body of the camera.  Time for the aerobic bit – balancing the camera, fighting the crowds, setting the camera at the best angle for the chosen composition and the least possible spray – I was trying to focus correctly, wipe the lens and press the shutter at the same time. Easier said than done, especially that my heart was beating at the double of the normal rate, as I was expecting my camera to die on me any minute (did I mention I only bought it a few of months ago)?  Such is a determination of a woman photographer who loves all kind of water environments, that I brought back some sharp pictures and I am glad to report that my camera still works (unlike my poor spine that took a few days to recover after that aqua aerobic)!



  1. Lizzie ShepherdLizzie Shepherd10-04-2013

    What wonderful work here, Beata – particularly in those conditions. These are really super and I love the different colours, shapes and light you have captured. Not easy at all! My favourite would have to be the second one here – I think I saw that in black and white previously? If so, I think it is even better in colour – even though it is not far off being monochromatic. Job very well done! 🙂

  2. adminadmin10-04-2013

    Thank you Lizzie, it was quite tricky! I have posted a similar b&w image on FB, as I got tired with electric orange cast of the light, but I am undecided which one I prefer!

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