Girl Power

Here I am, at long last in the Lake District surrounded by women and women only. It feels strange at first, as I don’t know any of them, but strange only for the first couple of minutes. A quick introduction and it feels we have known each other for ages!  We are an LBW on a photographic weekend. Just in case you are not familiar with the abbreviation, it stands for Landscape By Women, a group of some truly talented photographers who happen to be women and happen to be based in England. It all started not long ago, at the beginning of this year, when my friend Vanda and myself decided to find female photographers specialising in landscapes. It may seem strange but I got fed up being asked why there are no female landscape photographers.  I truly believe there are plenty, but they simply don’t get enough attention in the press and on all photographic forums.  Ten months later and we are twenty two! We decided to meet in November, to have a chat and do what we love the most – landscape photography.  We could not have chosen better place and weather – the Lake District is truly spectacular at this time of the year and the weather, so changeable, brings rain but also some amazing light. While packing, I have realised, that normally my huge car boot has shrank overnight, but if you fail for the first time, try again. With a lot of pulling and pushing we did manage to squeeze into it all our oversized backpacks, tripods, boots and a few necessary non-photographic accessories.  Fast forward and we are in Keswick, talking, walking, laughing and taking pictures, also plotting how to push off the Ashness Bridge some lingering tourists taking pictures of themselves in hundreds different poses, oblivious of our frustration! The best weather forecast was predicted for Sunday, so as painful as it was, we got up at 5 AM, scraped the ice from the windscreen and drove to Buttermere. Not too far from Keswick where we were based, but very far when you are driving in pitch dark, all the way on black ice through some demanding passes. Scary but exciting and boy, was it worth it!  The beauty of the lake and the surrounding area was magnified by the most spectacular sunrise topped up by the fluffy pink clouds! What else a photographer, or rather eight of them need?  Nothing at this particular moment but four hours later – a full English breakfast! Easier said than done, as for some reason our hotel served it only until 10 AM!  The rally driving course from years back proved to be useful as we got back two minutes to spare!  The waiter at the door to the hotel breakfast room was very cool as he did not blink an eye seeing our dirty and wet trousers and boots but our huge rucksacks proved to be too much for him.  “Can you please leave them by the door, please” he asked politely. “NO” we shouted in unison!  He took one step back and meekly stammered, OK.  Girl Power!







  1. Susan RoweSusan Rowe11-13-2013

    Some beautiful images, Beata, of a beautiful place! What fantastic light, makes the getting up early worth it 🙂

  2. adminadmin11-13-2013

    Thank you Susan! It was an amazing morning, but we would have not found the place without your fantastic input!

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