Softly, softly

As a photographer, I am full of contradictions, I love colour but often play with monochrome; landscapes and nature are my primary interest, but architecture draws me like a magnet; for years, the classic approach was the only approach in photography for me and now I embrace the impressionistic style with a gusto. I am only consistent with one – I don’t photograph people! Am I really that consistent? Look at my previous blog and suddenly even that is questionable! Some say that always pursuing the same style may limit creativity and it is true, but more important, it brings boredom. Boredom in turn is a death sentence to all artistic endeavours. I was agonising for a while that I don’t stick to one category of photography, but who says I should? There is so much beauty and variety all around me, why should I stick to one approach? Eclectic is a very nice word and I feel it describes my photography well. True to my eclectic identity, as my previous blogs were bursting with colour, this one is going to be about very soft, high key images, very homogeneous and free from dark shadows. The only approach for the images below was simplicity. The “less is more” approach in the high key technique gives the images a sense of calmness creating positive mood. As I wanted to remove all the distractions from the scene, I placed the mid-tones high by over-exposing by one or two stops. High placement on the exposure scale can be challenging in normal conditions, as the subject still needs to be exposed correctly, but the backgrounds needs to be “lost”. The early morning mist was a great help and I only had to concentrate on a composition, mainly the shapes of the trees and branches. I hope I have created some nice images telling a story about the beautiful Richmond Park waking up to life on a cold spring morning.





  1. Deborah HughesDeborah Hughes04-01-2014

    Oh, I love the simplicity and suggestive nature of this style. You never cease to amaze me with your eye. I understand the sentiment that people are generally out of the picture.

  2. adminadmin04-01-2014

    Deborah, thank you for your nice words! I am so glad you understand the lack of people – nature is beautiful without any additional interests.

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