Passion for Colour

The rumour that I only like two colours, the emerald green and the golden orange, are greatly exaggerated! I love them all (minus depressing brown and boring beige). Colour is one element of photography which I have never underestimated. Always aware of the presence of colour around me while composing images, I carefully consider their influence on the overall feel of the image.  Colours simply play an important part in my visual communication with those who spend their precious time looking at my photos. I am sure that my unconscious understanding of colours comes from the early childhood (all children are bombarded with colourful toys from the early age) while conscious understanding, from familiarising myself with the colour wheel and all complex theories of the colour interaction. The colour wheel, famously fashioned by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 has been used for centuries by painters and artists to identify colours to mix and later on by designers and photographers (although the latter to a lesser extent). Many came with different formats and ideas, but I am not going to debate the rights or wrongs of other concepts as they are immaterial – what matters is that any colour circle or colour wheel presenting a logically arranged sequence of colours is an important tool for any artist. The overall understanding of colours and hues is not however enough – it’s their harmony that is simply essential for engaging viewers emotionally. As many of my images are of nature, it is the Green Queen itself that teaches me a lot about harmony of colours. I cannot remember ever thinking, this green of the stem doesn’t go well with the colour of the petals or the tree trunk should be of a darker shade as it clashes with the general view! Since I started to experiment with ICM, I realised even more what an inspirational journey through all aspects of colour this is – the bands of colour created by movement show all sorts of hues, tones, vibrancy and depth – all miraculously working together, no matter whether it is a forest, the sea or some plants! The inner sense of order and balance achieved through colour harmony in nature eliminates an unnecessary chaos around (how convenient for me) and I only need to concentrate on finding the right light or shapes to portray the required mood.



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