Mudeford Spit in Dorset, near Christchurch is like a promised land, so close but so far… can see the colourful beach huts from Mudeford Quay, but to get to it you need to take a ferry or a land train from the Hengistbury Head. Many times I planned to visit this picturesque place and at long last, this weekend, I have. The spit provides spectacular views out to sea and back to Christchurch town and the fishing village has an intriguing history of smuggling over the centuries. The huts, painted in all shades of blues, yellow and green sit on a golden sand dunes and are surrounded by well kept tiny gardens with all sorts of sea and fishing memorabilia. No wonder that with all its great charm and history, I have fallen in love with the place. Immediately I turned to my husband, can we buy one please and not waiting for the answer, I started to plan how I will decorate the one with the sign “For Sale”.  It seems that not only me feel passionate about this place, as these colourful gems are sold for some two hundred thousand pounds!  As my dream was so short lived, I turned my attention to more useful things – photographing cute details, so plentiful around. As the day was coming to the end, I still longed to own a tiny part of this paradise, but suddenly I have realised, that I already own it – I am here and now, my feet are buried in a warm sand and the seagulls fly above my head, I can watch the sun go down and breath in the fresh sea air. Who needs more?

















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