Flower Power

August is the month when I always struggle with landscape photography; the light is harsh, the sunrise is early, the grass is not green anymore. There is also this impatience inside me of waiting for my annual trip to Portugal and its fabulous rugged Costa Vincentina Coast and return back to almost autumnal colours here is UK, my favourite season for woodland photography. Yet, there is still so much beauty around here, as gardens are full of colourful flowers screaming for my attention. I am really lucky, as I live merely 15 minutes away from a fabulous RHS Wisley Gardens, and a few other gardens famed for their beauty. Far from being an expert in flower photography, I allow myself from time to time a care free day photographing these graceful nature creations. Despite the myth how easy flower photography is, you just put the macro lens and hey, presto – it is not an easy art at all. One needs to tune the eyes to shapes, textures and colour and find all the imperfections, not seen with the naked eye. Too much sunlight, too little light and it is all wrong, when the light is great, the wind is the enemy and when all is perfect and I am almost pressing the shutter button, a very selfish bee decides to land on my flower – not all the other ones around – but the only one I have chosen! More waiting, more struggles with the light and I realise what is missing in my photographic bag – patience! Anyone knows where to buy it?


Camassia leichtlinii














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