People that glide

The full title of this blog should be “The influence of the colour white on the gliding of the beautiful people” but the shorter version will do for the moment. Let’s start from the beginning – this year the whole Europe decided to do what I always do, that is to have holidays in September in Portugal. It is a very pleasant time of the year, the sea is warm, the wind from the Atlantic is still perfect for surfing and in theory all children should be at school and hotels semi-empty. Not so this time. To my disappointment my usual hotel was fully booked, so in haste, I had to find yet another hotel. It was almost perfect, sleek, clean, overlooking a very picturesque bay and a tiny fishing port. It was also white, very white. Its ultra modern decor gave it a spa look. Quickly I have noticed that the beautiful people in this posh hotel influenced by this very zen atmosphere do not walk – they glide in their immaculately ironed linen trousers and white tops. They move in a dignified way to the rhythm of the softly played “Bésame Mucho” holding gracefully tall glasses of champagne and exchanging in sotto voce polite remarks about the weather. Genetically speaking, I must be completely different to these lovely people, as I never glide, I almost always run, as there  is so much to see and do and never enough hours in the day! I am also not that much concerned about the creases in my trousers. I have to admit however that I have enjoyed my stay in this hotel not only because it gave me endless opportunities to study the colour white, but also because at first light I only had to step onto the balcony to see the bay and to catch the breath-taking sunrise.







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