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There is no better time for summary of your work than the end of the year, therefore I wrote a bit about what I have learnt, which artistic directions I have taken in the past and where it may take me next year. As Christmas is round the corner, I wish you all a very happy summary of your own work and a very successful New Year! And here it comes, a bit of my photographic path…I have been passionate about photography since the age of twelve, the time I received my first camera and developed in the darkroom my very first black and white photograph. From this day, the magic of images appearing on paper made me pick up the camera more and more often. I have turned pro ten years ago when my very first book was published. Although I am mostly perceived as a landscape photographer, I prefer to use the term “outdoor photographer” as my interests are vast – everything from macro through to travel, landscape to architecture. My interest in nature is also profound; I have attained a postgraduate degree in botany and an intimate knowledge of the natural world helps me to understand it and to show my affinity with it. At the very beginning I was seduced by a variety of styles and techniques. Whether old or new methods, I was fascinated with the exploration of them and incorporation of their varieties in my work. Trying out many different techniques and gathering a rather eclectic collection of images was a good way of finding my personal vision and developing my own photographic style. My style naturally evolved over the years but the process of my artistic transformation still continues, albeit in a much slower pace.  I have managed to secure a cooperation of a few publishers and this way, to combine my love of travel and passion for photography. Ten years later, with seven books with my name on the covers, I am a photographer living a dream. Bold colours and strong composition enabling to encapsulate the spirit of the places is much preferred by publishers – luckily, my love of colour is visible in my images and it works in my favour. My vision of clarity, contrast and intensity of colour is highly pronounced, possibly because of the allure of Joseph Turner’s and some impressionists’ paintings. The use of higher colour key by the 19th century painters greatly influenced the way I see and interpret colours today.  Colour is however only a small part of my style. In my representation of the world I try to create a bit of mystery and magic. Blurring, mist, shallow depth of field, early morning light – all this is very helpful in achieving this slightly esoteric, enchanted look that I strive for. My latest works show even stronger impressionistic bias; long exposure, intentional camera movement and multiple exposures allow me to achieve the smooth colours conveying form. Combined with the exploration of the warm site of spectrum of light, the images sway towards an impression rather than an actual scene. Searching for my own emotional response to the surrounding world, forgetting about the reality and concentrating on aesthetics allow me to design interpretive images. It is a challenge sometimes, but because it is a challenge, it keeps my interest in photography fresh.



  1. jadwigajadwiga12-10-2014

    Czytam i podziwiam, Twoje fotografie są jak Twój uśmiech piękne chwile, które odlatują wraz z końcem fotografowania

  2. adminadmin12-11-2014

    Dziękuję Jadziu,cieszę się bardzo, że Ci się podobają moje ulotne chwile.

  3. JoannaJoanna12-31-2014

    you have described your artistic path so beautifully and thoroughly that I cannot think of better wishes for you than the following. Keep on creating the magical, enchanting images of the world and keep on living a dream. Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. adminadmin01-01-2015

    Joanna, thank you so much for you lovely wishes, I hope to be able to continue my search for light and form and I wish you all the best too, may all your dreams come true and life bring plenty of good in 2015!

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