Enchanted Forest

Every year in May I succumb to the temptation to photograph the blue riot in the woods, despite that my computer drive is full of images of bluebells in all shapes and forms. I find my trips to the forest not only artistically fulfilling but also generally therapeutic. Far away from the city madness, crowds, traffic, time restrictions, my only worry is if the area is invaded by dozens of photographic workshop groups. Photographing bluebells is not easy as it seems – one needs to carefully avoid many distracting branches and broken trees. Finding a clear composition and a perfect carpet of flowers is hard, trying to eliminate all the tripods and people running around – even harder. To my joy, this year the forest was devoid of people and the only silhouettes I could see were of the wild deer cautiously looking at me from the distance. To avoid repeating myself, each year I try to change slightly the way I photograph the bluebells in the forest. My approach is not only dictated by my mood but also by the light and wind. This year I have decided to go for more intimate woodscapes, with shallow depth of field and all attention on details rather than big vistas. Eyes half closed, I call it, a bit dreamy, changing the ordinary forest into an enchanted one. Next year, who knows, but I already am looking forward to the spring visit in 2016.





  1. Beautiful woodland, lovely pics!

    • adminadmin08-20-2015

      Thank you!

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