Many times I drove past this town and never had enough time to stop; this summer, during my lovely-long-awaited-perfect-weather-weekend I have eventually managed to visit it and boy, interesting visit it was! Christchurch can be found near the edge of the New Forest just a few miles from Bournemouth. It sits directly where the Stour and the Avon meet, so as you can imagine, plenty of boats, big and small, can be seen in the quay (back to the quay a little bit later). One of the main attractions of the town is the impressive Priory Church, originally built 1094, still retaining its Saxon layout. Next to the church there is a charming Place Mill, a restored Anglo Saxon watermill and a very picturesque bridge. Lovely path from the bridge leads to the ruined Great Tower and Norman 12th century house. Back to the quay; yachts, rowing boats, happy people all around, as well as rather spoiled and aggressive swans. The place simply belongs to them, no fear of people at all. Cute they are, but placid – no! One of the cheeky swans decided to attack my husband. As every wife would do, I wanted to help – unfortunately I have stepped on an uneven tile and awkwardly fell down the embankment. The crack in my foot was so loud that my husband being two metres away have heard it! It was followed by the second loud noise of my camera hitting the ground. I have learnt three lessons from this trip:  never to walk near the edge of the embankment, never to underestimate the wildlife and the last one? Canon MKII is a well build camera – it still works (unlike my foot)!



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