Visions and Resolutions

Sometimes it is worth to re-visit your resolutions, plans and visions from the previous year; just to check if what you dreamt about came true, if you found time to fulfil your plans or simply, if your visions and priorities this year are the same as in the last year. I did just that and here is what I wrote a year ago: “ It seems that I have reached the saturation point of seeing images on screen and I crave for slower, old fashioned, printed ones. The place for the good images is on the wall and I hope to visit this year more exhibitions, galleries and museums”. It was a very busy year for me but nevertheless a very satisfying one. I definitely minimised my time in front of the computer and maximised in the great outdoors. Fabulous trips to Outer Hebrides, Portugal, Italy and Croatia allowed me to spend hours with two of my most favourite photographic subjects: nature, close up and personal and black&white urban night photography. I have also visited many galleries and museums, but most importantly, organised and participated in two exceptional exhibitions in OXO gallery in London. Both were group exhibitions; I wrote about the first one “Mistresses of Light” in my previous blog, so no need to write about it again, but here are a few sentences about the second one, “Vision Five”. Five photographers, five visions but despite the diversity of the subject matter the exhibition provided a seamless journey through the beauty of the natural and human made world. I was very happy to hear a lot of positive feedback about our exhibition and it was such a great experience to meet so many likeminded people and to talk endlessly about photography. One review that I cherish especially is: “VISION FIVE is an exhibition which will truly lift your spirits and will ensure you are mindful of the beauty that surrounds us all but we often miss”. It was written by Charlie Waite, an artist I have admired since my very first workshop with his company “Light and Land” and whose superb images, beautifully printed and framed, I saw on OXO gallery walls in 2001. So, have I fulfilled my last year dreams? I think I have and as December is almost here, time to think about some new plans, but for now I share with you some of the images from my last exhibition.




  1. Astrid McGechanAstrid McGechan11-25-2015

    So true, Beata, and we often forget to take stock while we get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I shall take this reminder towards the year-end and look back myself!

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