Tripping the Light Fantastic

Escaping drab weather in UK, I have travelled to Andalusia in Spain. The town I really wanted to see during this trip was Cordoba. It’s Mezquita (Spanish for “Mosque”) is a beautiful and fascinating building that symbolizes the many religious changes Cordoba has undergone over the centuries. I have seen on TV and in the travel guides Mezquita’s countless pillars like rows of palm trees in the oases, so I planned carefully how I would like to capture their beauty. I wanted to photograph all and everything, ivory, jasper, porphyry, gold, silver, copper, and brass. I previsualised that my images are going to be bursting with marvellous mosaics, azulejos, panels of scented woods fastened with nails of pure gold, and the red marble columns described as the work of God. I am convinced that as I was entering this immense temple, I was holding my breath expecting all my senses to be attacked with an immense power. How wrong I was! First few steps in and instead of light, there was darkness. So dark it was inside, that myself, like many others, stopped on the spot trying desperately to adjust the eyes to the lowest levels of light possible. Softly and slowly, the beauty and richness of decorations started to unveil to me, but sadly it was more than challenging to record it well, as the tripod was no-no here and I am allergic to high ISO. As I absorbed in silence the beauty around me, some bright rays of light entered the place through the stained windows and started to paint the walls, columns and floor with light. In a split second I knew that the forming in front of me, colourful arabesque patterns were as fabulous as fleeting, so I sprang to action, startling some nearby visitors. The spectacle of light, as I thought didn’t last long, but long enough for me to capture these few images.



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