Selective Memory

My images management is very simple; firstly I copy all of my images from any trip to the computer and remove all unsharp and too similar images. The second negative selection comes a few weeks later, when I feel a bit less emotional about the place. The benefits of this few weeks break are many: I am more objective about what is interesting and don’t process too many images. My computer drive as a result has got more space and I can spend more time out and about. I also discover images that are quieter, but nevertheless, worth giving a second chance. While working recently on some files from the autumn, I have noticed how selective my memory is. From my trip to Croatia I only remember good things – what a wonderful weather I had, what a spectacle of autumnal colours I have witnessed. All not-so-nice experiences, like rain, cold and aching feet were forgotten. As if the struggle to keep the lens dry never happened, as if the battles with zillions of marching Japanese tourists on narrow walkways was a bad dream only – all what I remember is a heavenly place in pleasing atmospheric conditions. It wasn’t so however! Most of the time it was raining, the steep climbs tested my blood circulation to the limit and my comfy boots felt like vices. Sun or rain though, the place is truly magical and with the right clothing and open mind one can enjoy it at any weather. I am glad that my memory is selective, as I will go there again with pleasure.



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