Ashes to Ashes

Crumbling castles, decaying cottages, falling to pieces manor houses, rusting abandoned cars – all these hold special fascination for me. It is a bit surprising, as I usually search for beauty and esthetically pleasing views. So why my heart starts racing and I feel an overwhelming need to take some pictures of yet another derelict building? During my last trip to Portugal I found this abandoned hotel and despite a rather fragile looking staircase and dangerously sagging ceilings, I went inside in search of the building’s former glory. Glory it wasn’t as the hotel was on a smaller size and of an average standard. Still, romantic and haunting it was, thanks to the overgrown entrance, old fashioned windows and walls covered in colourful mould imitating marble. Back to the original question, why so many of us are drawn to crumbling, derelict places? Is it because it is a reminder that nothing is forever and all turns into ashes and that somehow reminds us about our own vulnerability and fragility? I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that these views will only be preserve in my memory, as others will forget about them in a click of a button, in search of new exciting images and stories. We live in the fast era. Less time to stop and stare. Ashes to ashes in no time.





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