Survival or Greed?

Since ancient times, Rio Tinto area in Spain has been mined for copper, silver, gold, and other minerals. This inherently invasive process causes damage to this land, flora, fauna and habitat overall. It creates greenhouse gasses, pollutes water and contaminates soil. It also spoils this beautiful landscape creating eyesore pits and surreal, almost lunar landscape. The removal of layers of soil and rock, in the search for iron ore and copper left this land scarred and painted the terraced rock in yellow, brown and red. The unearthed minerals sustain the industrial needs, generate value for owners and shareholders but at the same time, mercilessly consume the mountains and valleys around. Globally, we face resource scarcity and climate change. With explosive growth of a population, when is the time to stop both, an uncontrolled growth of population and greed for resources sustaining often lifestyle, not necessity. Many scientists think Earth has a maximum carrying capacity of 10 billion people. In 10,000BCE, there were 4 million people, in 1,000CE – 264 millions, now we are close to 7 billions. Perhaps it is time to think about it now?

































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