Dear Sicilian Drivers…

Dear Sicilian Drivers, we foreigners, love your country. We admire your exquisite architecture, your lush forests, rocky coastline and intriguing though deadly, Etna. We are happy to spend a lot of money on your delicious food, visit your ancient Greek amphitheatres and stroll lazily in the evening in your old towns, eating your first class ice cream. However, to do it again and again, we need to stay alive. It is not cool to drive 60 km per hour in 20 km per hour zone. Your streets are narrow, full of twists and full of pot holes. Driving dangerously is not going to make you taller nor more desirable. To overtake on a single track road, up the hill and on blind turns is not going to make you James Bond. It can only make you look very pale in a local mortuary. And to overtake the overtaking is not going to score you admiring glances, but make your car shorter, significantly. It seems to me that playing a Russian roulette gives me more chances of survival than staying on your roads. So perhaps you will think twice next time you get into the car and instead of staying an inch away from the car in front of you, beeping as if your life depends on it and making manoeuvres that a professional rally driver wouldn’t dare to make, you may want to chill a bit and let us stay alive so we can come again to your beautiful country!



  1. joannajoanna10-12-2016

    I couldn’t agree more! The situations on Sicilian roads that you’ve described sound appalling and can’t be absolutely justified by temperamental nature of the southerners!
    Sadly, I doubt whether your letter to Sicilian drivers will make them more responsible or far-sighted, but it will certainly warn other foreigners what to expect when they make for the beautiful country of Sicily.
    Anyway, your photographs are really wonderful!

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