Taste of Freedom

As the year draws to the end, it is a good time to assess if I have developed as a photographer and if so, which of my photographic choices became more pronounced in the last year. I have rejected photographers’ current popular path of strict specialisation and enjoyed more and more of artistic freedom. I will possibly refuse to stick to a narrow speciality for some time, as there is so much beauty around us and variety excites me and stimulates my imagination. Although landscape is my number one choice, but architecture is also very important to me. I am fascinated by the aesthetics and details of constructions, old and new, big and small. Photographing man-made objects may be challenging, but at the same time, immensely satisfying when I manage to capture the essence of the building. As I said, my first love of photography is the landscape, but I am more and more drawn to the smaller details of the surrounding world, as they provide endless patterns and shapes, but most importantly, they are unique. I am somehow tired of seeing the same beauty spots photographed and shared countless times on social media (note to myself: less time on FB, more time in the great outdoors with the camera). This doesn’t mean however that I will not shoot big open vistas, I will, but possibly less often. Pre-visualisation is a mantra for many, but in my case, a lot of my pre-shoot ideas evolve fast, as I am distracted by light, movement and other variants that are hard to predict. With unending curiosity and enthusiasm, I discover new places and a little voice in my head always asks “what is round the corner”, making it sometimes difficult to stick to any rigid plans and routes. I know the year 2017 will bring many photographic challenges, but I hope to continue to shoot what I love, as it is the only true way to artistically express myself.






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