Alla Veneziana

“Isn’t there enough pictures of Venice” people will ask and my answer will be, probably yes. So why am I still taking them? The answer is easy, because I am under a spell. I was sixteen when for the first time I stood on Accademia Bridge looking towards Santa Maria Della Salute and thought that it was possibly the most romantic view in the world. Romantic, moody, classic – Venice is all that to me. It took some years for me to mature as a person and as a photographer. Views from all four bridges that span the Grand Canal are still mind blowing, but now I am more preoccupied with smaller bridges (some 400 or so), forgotten by tourists alleys, fast dilapidating houses and their reflections in many of the smaller canals. Liquid and blurred, they seem to be dancing in front of me and change quickly with every passing gondola and paddle movement. Gazing into the water, I feel like a child with kaleidoscope, but it is not a toy in my hand, but a camera that allows me to marvel at the reflections and capture a slice of this enchanting upside-down world of abstracts.

  1. Richard T. O'KellRichard T. O'Kell02-27-2017

    Well seen, well thought out, and well executed stunning images.

  2. Astrid McGechanAstrid McGechan03-01-2017

    Wonderful images, Beata! Love the colours.


    Super images Beata!

  4. adminadmin02-04-2018

    Many thanks Gary!

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