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From our earliest days, we hear that sharing is caring and we learn to share our toys with siblings, our food with family, books with friends and many more. I think sharing in photography world is especially important. We all learn from the masters and in turn, our knowledge can be valuable for others, so why not to share it?  Many photographers share their knowledge during workshops or outings with other photographers, some write in depth blogs or articles, others reveal their favourite techniques and locations on FB, Twitter or Instagram. I don’t run workshops, but I write articles regularly and I am happy to share with you fellow photographers any information you may need, just ask. Sharing is also one of the reasons why I have started working on a new book. In “Photographing Surrey and Sussex” that will be published by FotoVue, I will be sharing some of my local knowledge and my favourite photographic techniques. For now though, a couple of night shots from my beloved Portugal. I wish I could share with you the soothing sound of the water lapping at my feet, the feel of a gentle breeze on my face, the smell of the seeweed and seagulls’ calls settling for the night. Sharing is caring. I care.


  1. George McHenryGeorge McHenry06-21-2017

    Wonderful, Beata! I’ve always felt that great art calls the attention of others to a beautiful or meaningful experience they might have otherwise missed. Accordingly, I agree with everything you say in this posting. The more that we photographers share with others, whether we share images or what we’ve learned, the more that we increase an appreciation for the world in which we live. In the long run, it’s all about paying attention and learning to see. Without attention and mindfully seeing, the world can be a barren and unsatisfying landscape. I love both of your images in this posting. As both a painter and a photographer, i much prefer the process of being interpretive, rather than reportorial, and both of these images appear to have been made in that spirit.

    • adminadmin06-22-2017

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. It is so nice to hear we share the same views. It will be a pleasure to see your images, so off I go to look at your website!

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