Fear of Flying

Despite the title, no, I am not afraid of flying, in fact I like it, as most of the time, the flight is the beginning of a discovery – discovery of new places, new cultures or people. During the trips, far away or much closer, even to a local park, my senses are bombarded with light, smells, shapes, colour and noises. All that awakes my artistic curiosity and pushes me to produce new work, as well as diverts from my usual style. Like a child I dive into it, without doubts or hesitation, but back home in front of a computer, apprehension and fear start to appear…is it any good, am I betraying my style, will it be understood or met with a wall of silence or even criticism on social media? Lately many photographers spoke about it, so it is reassuring I am not the only one. As this self-censorship cripples our creativity and artistic freedom, what is the best way forward, how to conquer the self-doubt and fear? Don’t think about it. It’s only human to fear. Learn, Experiment, Fail. Never forget however that failure is not your enemy, it is a building block of better things to come, as you learn from your mistakes and experimentation. So be free, spread your artistic wings and do something different or crazy. After all, it is your life and your photographs. To go with my own advice, I ditch my usual b&w architectural shots for colour; like it or loathe it –  it works for me!



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