Talla na Mara

Returning to the Isle of Harris in autumn proved to be a good decision, despite a lot of challenges that the island provided. My previous trip in May was as good as one can imagine – not a lot of rain, some soft sunshine and gorgeous evening light. October however was a different kettle of fish! I had everything thrown at me, rain, hail, sandstorm, 50 miles per hour wind and plenty of sea spray on the lenses that stubbornly refused to be removed. Most of the time working with filters was a waste of time and even setting up a tripod was rather taxing. A few hours work in a freezing cold made me crave for a hot cup of coffee –  it wasn’t easy however as at the end of the tourist season most cafes were closed. A discovery of Talla na Mara in Pairc Niseaboist was a life saver and many a times my photographer friends and myself had a delicious drink or a meal there, not to mention that we used the facilities to dry ourselves. Drying we needed frequently, as not only rain, but also some rogue waves were determined to ruin our photographic efforts. Glimpses of sun, as well as delightful rainbows and Atlantic rollers kept us busy all day, every day. The light was changing constantly – let the two images below be an example of how quickly– these were taken minutes apart. There are some views however that I couldn’t photograph, but will stay in my memory forever – curlews with their long legs and evocative call, shearwaters diving into the water with gusto, as well as my favourite birds, oyster catchers hugging together on the edge of the sea. All the above created a very memorable stay, but that was not the end of our adventures – on takeoff our plane hit an obstacle and stopped abruptly. The very first soothing information was that we possibly hit a rabbit, or two. A gasp from all passengers showed that we were more concerned about poor rabbits than our own safety. Firefighters arrived swiftly and after a quick inspection, to my dismay, I saw them digging the ground with spades – surely they are not digging the grave for the poor rabbit?! To finish the long story short, the plane veered off the runway, hit three lights and its damaged tires sunk into the grass. That meant only one thing – another 24 hours on the island.

  1. Ruth CroftsRuth Crofts10-20-2017

    Great story and beautiful images Beata.

  2. Chris WarnerChris Warner10-27-2017

    Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing them

  3. adminadmin11-02-2017

    Thank you Chris!

  4. adminadmin11-02-2017

    Glad you like it Ruth, thank you!

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