Motion Envy

As a small child, I listened to my grandfather stories about pre-war cinema for hours. Paula Negri, Rudolph Valentino and many other stars of the silent and golden eras of Hollywood sparkled my interest in cinematography. Great films thought me a lot about the creative vision. “Casablanca” for example, a very “noir” film with a delightful chiaroscuro lighting – I have watched it at least 8 times! Unlike many young girls however, I didn’t want to be a film star. It was the camera operator and art director work that fascinated me. Later in life, I have chosen photography, not cinematography as my profession. The most important elements of the image is the composition, light, colour and texture. Sometimes I wish I could add to this list, motion, as it is more than just capturing the movement. The closest I can get to achieving the flow in photographs is by preparing tryptychs. Here, by dividing the image into three, I hoped to stop the viewer for a fracture of a second before continuing their visual journey to the next panel. Not quite cinematography, but a step closer.  

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