Into the Dark

In my first blog of this year I will tackle the subject that I am not very familiar with, the steam engines. Although I am captivated by the huffs, puffs and toots of these wonderful old shiny engines arriving at many picturesque stations, but that would be too easy. Instead of recording them surrounded by steam, I wanted something more intimate, a close encounter with the great pieces of engineering, pipes, piston rods, cogs, wheels. To do it, I ventured into an engine shed at Bluebell Station.  It was dark, dirty and smelling with grease but despite all that, I loved it. Streaks of light getting through the old-fashioned windows was all what I needed to draw my attention to the details of this bygone era locomotives. Despite my very first instinct of converting the images to my beloved ‘noir’ style, I have decided against it. A touch of rust, green paint and copper adds lighter tones to the images and gives them a bit of a three-dimensional feel. As you can see, beauty can be found everywhere, even in the old greasy shed.






  1. Astrid McGechanAstrid McGechan02-18-2018

    Fabulous! Good reminder that beauty is everywhere. Love the colours too!

  2. adminadmin03-28-2018

    Thank you Astrid, there is always something to photograph, in any weather!

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