First Timer

Iceland has been on my bucket list for some time, but many circumstances stopped me from travelling there so far. When my son handed me an envelope on my big birthday, with the plane tickets to Reykjavík, there was no stopping me. Off I went, in the middle of winter, not knowing that what in fact I was going to experience, was the worst winter in Iceland for 20 years. Lucky me! The pilot, undeterred by not-so-rosy weather predictions, landed in the middle of a snowstorms. As I have done my research about Iceland dutifully and was given some precious information by my more experienced photographer friends, I thought I was prepared for everything. Not quite for the question at the car rental, “do you want an extra insurance for the paint”, a helpful assistant asked. As I didn’t quite comprehend the question, she added an explanation, “an extra cover in case sandstorms strip the paint from the car”. Hmmm…that made me feel a bit uncomfortable but I was determined not to have my adventurous spirit dampened nor my plans changed by an inclement weather or any other obstacles. They were.  By snowstorms, gales, rain, hailstorm, frost and sandstorms. I can cope reasonably well in snowy and slippery conditions (having driven in Austria, Switzerland, Poland and many other countries where winters are quite severe) but driving in 80 miles per hour winds with sandstorms and snowstorms at the same time and near zero visibility was a bit too much. As many roads were closed, I resigned to drinking countless very expensive coffees in Reykjavik Old Harbour area and photographing rain drops on coffee shop windows. And windows. And steps. And ceilings. For pristine Icelandic landscape I had to wait. Seven days in fact, as when rain stopped, the fog started.

  1. cheryl hamercheryl hamer03-28-2018

    Great blog Beata!
    From the pics above I think you did very well to adapt and look for ‘indoor stuff’ whilst you were there. Some of the others you’ve posted from when the weather improved a bit are great too though – and, dare I say – there’s always next time?? 🙂

  2. adminadmin03-28-2018

    Oh yes, I hope so, Iceland is incredibly beautiful and vast so not once, not twice, but many trips are necessary.

  3. Sophie CarrSophie Carr03-28-2018

    I think I was very lucky – going a couple of weeks before you. When I was there many of the roads in different areas were closed (including the Golden Circle and southern section of the ringroad) for many days! I only had to make one 80 mile detour to avoid a closure. I hope you’re not deterred and will try to return to explore some more. Love the first picture in particular – Harpa is beautiful. 🙂

  4. adminadmin03-29-2018

    Thank you Sophie; how can I be deterred – this place stole my heart! I had a few glimpses of an extraordinary beauty and only had a chance to see a tiny percentage of Iceland. I read your detailed blogs and enjoy your pictures a lot, so please continue because even when I don’t travel there, I feel I am almost there!

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