The Ugly Face of Iceland

Iceland has stolen my heart. Its beauty and wilderness are captivating and despite that 4 months have passed since my return, I still find more pictures worth sharing, like those below, with a dusting of snow and some sunshine. This blog however is not about the beauty of this country, it is about a dark side of it – about killing of the whales. Despite that most nations in the world prohibit killing whales, Iceland, as well as Norway and Japan have found legal rationales for hunting whales. This year alone, using a shaky loophole, fishermen in Iceland plan to kill 191 fin whales. Hvar hf company mercilessly kills endangered blue whales, despite that for 50 years they have been protected. A strong tradition of killing these friendly and intelligent creatures is no justification. There is no enough shaming of this procedure in the press and social media. My voice may be small, but I whole heartedly add it to the voice of others that want to live in a very humane society. I am not going to share the images of a slow and painful death of whales hit by a penthrite-tipped grenade harpoons fired from a cannon. They rip into the bodies of these gentle giants and explode. Painful and long this torture is. Merciful the death, when it comes.

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