The Eternal Dreamer

It is not surprising that my impressionistic work, heavily influenced by my love of colour and the paintings of Turner and Monet, so far limited to my nature shots, could not be restricted to this field any more. Slowly and naturally I embraced architecture and my ever-active brain cannot stop thinking about blending of the colours and shapes to create a suggestion of a scene. A general impression created by mixing two dominant features of a place, soft and dreamy, may not be physically accurate but it portrays the essence of a subject. An eternal dreamer that I am, half of me reaches to the dreamy world of romantic painters and another half is firmly anchored in a digital world that enables me to create these images. A moment in time, a sense of a quick glance before giving the eyes a chance to focus, even a sound of a scene, that’s what I want the viewer to feel. It is yet another chapter of a photographic adventure of mine and it shows how exploring diverse subject is important for my artistic freedom. Never slowing down, always learning, exploring and creating. 

  1. Dominique MaclellanDominique Maclellan11-01-2018

    I love these. They really draw one into the scene and give one lots to think about.

  2. adminadmin01-06-2019

    Thank you so much Dominique, more to come soon.

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