Salty Blue

After a rather lengthy break from writing blogs, for which I apologise, here is a new one that is closely connected to my latest gallery, “Salty Blue”. As you have probably noticed, I am the happiest in all the watery locations, especially by the sea. There are countless seashores all over Europe that fascinate me, however there are some locations that take a very special place in my heart – Costa Vicentina in Portugal, the Isle of Harris in Scotland, Newhaven in Sussex. The rugged south west coast of Portugal is home to the battered rocks and the vast beaches with warm golden sands and spectacular dunes. The Isle of Harris off Scotland north-west coast on the other hand is famed for stunning turquoise waters, its white beaches and hundreds of sea locks. Heavily influenced by the fickleness of the weather, the whole island is in a constant change, wind shapes the dunes continuously, clouds alter the colour of the sea, tides transform the beaches, even township and settlements evolve – they decay and disappear with time. Newhaven, much closer to my home, delivers also a lot of excitement on a stormy day. You may have seen my “Sea Fury” noir gallery of the waves from there. Now, I have added the latest gallery, “Salty Blue”. It features a rather gentle, summer near-storm, but still packed with some spectacular crashing waves. You may want to ask, why salty blue? With a hint of colour and plenty of salt on my face, and even more in my hair, it was an obvious choice of a title!

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