All That Blur

Time to say goodbye to the year 2019 and hello to 2020! As always, I am an eternal optimist and believe it will bring all the best to all of you my lovely people and some positive changes for me as well. As promised, I am going to share some tips on creating impressionistic images of the sea. My previous blog was about freezing the action, this one is all about that blur. After all, artistic freedom underpins my photography, so experimentation with movement and intentional camera movement are close to my heart. An estimation of the length of the shutter speed, as you can imagine is essential, as this will allow the details to be blurred or completely disappear. What I cannot give you is an exact shutter speed you need to use, as that depends on the light, the movement of the sea and what you want to achieve. What works for me is anything from 1/10 of a second, to a few seconds, when combined with the panning movement of the camera. Photographing the sea, I move the camera horizontally, but no strict rules when working on impressionistic images mean that on occasions, I also introduce some vertical movement. In most cases, only a slight movement of the camera is enough to get the painterly and ethereal effect. Avoiding sharp movement will give you this smooth impressionistic feel. An essential tool to achieve longer speeds photographing during the day, are filters. Reducing the amount of light that reaches the cameras sensor increases the time of the shutter speed; by how much, it depends on the filter you use. My most used filter is a six stop one. You don’t need a tripod, but a tripod with a fluid head not only gives some support for heavier lenses, but also allows a much smoother movement in a chosen direction. Both images were taken on the Isle of Harris in 2015, at 1/10 of a second. Happy shooting and experimenting in this year and in the next.

  1. AnuradhaAnuradha12-17-2019

    Amazing work.. love this calm yet balance color palate

  2. adminadmin01-06-2020

    Many thanks, Anuradha!

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