From a distance

From a distance the world looks blue and green and the snow-capped mountains white, from a distance the ocean meets the stream and the eagle takes to flight….sings Bette Midler and these were the very first words that came to my mind when I saw these buildings in the sunny Algarve. I saw the snow white capped roofs and blue, electric blue sky and thought, that looks like a dream place to live. The closer I got to it, the more neglected it looked; eventually I saw what it really was, a devastated derelict, a skeleton of a to-be-a-dream-home for a family. Still, the sorry state of the place did not stop me from walking through the tall grass covering once so perfectly laid paving blocks. I have stopped on the edge of an empty, never filled with water, blue tiled swimming pool and imagined what joy it would bring to little children, splashing in the cool water on a hot afternoon. White washed walls were covered with graffiti and empty bottles of beer and syringes indicating clearly that the only inhabitants now are vagrants and drag users. I have looked at perfectly shaped stairs, solid fireplaces, almost finished bathrooms, wardrobes with semi ripped off doors and thought, so close but so far! The whole complex needed just a bit of a cash injection and it would be a paradise, such a shame it slowly deteriorates and will turn into ruins soon. From a distance this small piece of a world looked so good…

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