Save Salgados

Salgados Lagoon is a precious and truly amazing wetland near Armacao de Pera, in Algarve, Portugal.  Some of the species of birds that can be found here are Grebes, Gulls, Little Terns, Coots, Flamingos, the rare Purple Gallinule, Black Terns, Peregrines, Black Winged Kites, and Collared Pratincoles. The area is already classified as an important bird life zone but a multimillion tourist resort threatens to destroy this unique coastal lagoon. Greed and stupidity seems to be winning here as Câmara of Silves has given the go-ahead for a massive commercial development, three hotels, five holiday villages, shopping complexes and an 18-hole golf course – all that, despite that the Salgados area has already been overdeveloped and a few hundred metres from the lagoon there are thousands of empty holiday units. Many developers have run into financial difficulties and the approach to the lagoon is already littered with unfinished and unoccupied hotels, overgrown dying trees and roads leading to nowhere. Salgados lagoon is a precious wetland and we need to do everything to save it. You may have been there and have happy memories or if not, who knows, you may visit it one day, what you want to see, is this amazing lagoon and birds and not another asphalt jungle! Grupo Galilei, the developers, admit they may be in financial difficulties if they have to pay a fine imposed by the Bank of Portugal for its involvement in the BPN banking scandal, so how will they manage to finish this project? It will be left, unfinished like many other hotels nearby, rotting and scaring this amazing landscape, but it will be too late for the lagoon and the birds! Several environmental and wildlife protection groups have lodged formal complaints with the European Commission (EC) in a bid to save Lagoa dos Salgados and there is an online petition that requires 40,000 signatures for this matter to be raised in Parliament. So please, take a minute and sign the petition, and then please share it with your friends.


  1. joannajoanna10-16-2012

    I have just signed the petition and I will share it with my friends in a moment. Whenever anything can be done to fight stupidity, you can count on me!

  2. adminadmin10-17-2012

    Thank you, Joanna! Every signature counts, there are some 16 000 signatures by now and hopefully there will be more. Like you, I am allergic to stupidity!

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