Not the foggiest idea

Few more days and Halloween is here with all its spookiness and celebrations. I don’t need to wait for spookiness though, as I had my own frightening moments in the woods. We had a few days with heavy fog and I love the mysterious mood that fog creates in low laying areas and forests, so I headed for just the right place, woods and vineyard near Dorking. Condensed air in the valley and standard zoom lens allowed me to narrow the range of colours, compress the perspective of rows and rows of the vine and desaturate my images. Nearby beech woods would be a fantastic place to follow I decided and drove to a familiar, but secluded car park. As it was a week day, I didn’t expect many cars, there were none.  The tree trunks in the fog looked simply fantastic, so I started to work immediately, merely metres from the car. More and more amazing views ahead of me and I was totally engross in what I was doing. When the first rush of adrenaline gone and I knew I had captured some interesting images, I have realised I don’t see my car and I don’t even know which direction to go. Not good my dear, not good, I thought. Where is my compass and my phone? In the car, of course! How useless that is??? How helpful would be a phone in the area without a signal, I haven’t got a clue and why I am thinking about compass?  I can’t tell left from right sometimes, so what will this little needle tell me about the position of my car???? A moment later I heard a strange noise, then another….Suddenly the amazingly looking trees were not amazing any more but spooky; their branches moved in a scary way, as if the arms and fingers of giant monsters…and what is this unsettling noise in the undergrowth? I could feel my heart pumping blood faster and my brain trying to decide: fight or flight? A sudden thud and suddenly a smiley face of a cocker spaniel appeared just in front of me, phew, did I jump! It was a very welcome sight though and the surrounding went back to normal, from the scary place to the fabulous one!


  1. JoannaJoanna10-31-2012

    You are very brave to be still alive and in a good mood after having experienced the frightening moments of panic and tension in the woods. I hope you rewarded the dog with a warm hug to thank him/her for giving you a helping hand/paw.
    I love your ‘foggy’ photographs of the trees with the foreground so clear that you can almost count all the leaves on every single twig and the thick, milky background. Awesome!

  2. adminadmin11-01-2012

    Yes, I am “very” brave 🙂 , well perhaps not brave but determined! I love fog and woods are simply amazing in this kind of weather. I am a great animal lover and I have had many funny dog encounters during my trips; great to meet them and greet them, not so great when they jump on the most photogenic mushrooms I have found in the forest!

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