Fun in the dark

Days are short and dark in November and we photographers suffer from a syndrome of not-enough-sunny-landscapes-with-ever-so-blue-skies. Instead of sitting at home and complaining however, I prefer to go out and take some night shots. It is such fun to photograph light trails in the city! I really like the long tendrils of colourful lights that form in front of my eyes thanks to the passing cars and busses. Reasonable long exposure can produce some wonderful eye-catching images. To achieve good result, the right location is essential. Any city centre is good, as long as there are some nice buildings and street lighting. I have chosen Wimbledon, as this lovely town is at my doorstep and there is plenty of traffic. I have spent a lot of time discovering all interesting places there when I have worked on my latest book, “Portrait of Wimbledon” and know all winding roads, multiple roads that merge together and some traffic islands that are perfect for this type of photography, as the trails curve and mix. Two-way traffic is excellent, as red light (of the cars moving away) blend with white lights (cars coming towards you).  Before you even ask, where is the promise fun of night photography, I rush to assure you that not in standing there in the cold! I find it hilarious though that I have been approached countless times by people telling me that it is too dark to take pictures!!! Many times I giggled when I heard parents’ explanation to the child’s question “why is this lady taking pictures in the dark” (because she didn’t have time earlier, is my favourite explanation). Only when I show to well meaning but clueless people the twisting shapes of the light trails, they become engaged and drawn to the array of colours. Shooting light trails is a lot of fun, trust me! And holding in my frozen hands a mug of a hot chocolate afterwards feels sooooo good!


  1. jadwigajadwiga11-21-2012

    No i co ja mam Tobie Kobieto napisać? że Wimbledon jest piękny w swiatłach które upolowałaś, że zdjęcia sa tak czyste, jak u nas w największy mróz, a niebo niebieskie jakbyśmy byli we Włoszech, tak włąśnie to zobaczyłam, i Teatr Polka, pięknie
    pozdrawiam gratuluję

  2. adminadmin11-21-2012

    Dziękuje Jadziu, fakt, światło było dobre i masz rację, że w zimne dni takie czyste niebo jest najłatwiej upolować. Ważne też, że wypatrzyłaś teatr Polka! Wimbledon Ci jest znany, ale wiele zakamarków z dala od turystycznych szlaków jeszcze Ci pokażę! B.

  3. JoannaJoanna11-23-2012

    Sitting at home and complaining? No way! Not you! The light trails in your photographs are absolutely fantastic! Isn’t it amazing that pictures can show things that would be impossible to see otherwise? Yes, the camera can work miracles.
    The Polka Theatre in your picture looks like a magical temple of art, unlike the dull grey building the Theatre presents on its website.

  4. adminadmin11-24-2012

    Thank you, thank you, the theatre looks rather nice and merry! You are right, the camera opens our eyes to the world that is sometimes hidden. For me it is like a present hidden in the box, I open the box and inside there is a lovely present!

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