The New Beginnings

At long last, my new website and a new blog are up and running! My old blog, “Light encounters” ( is still available, but will not be updated; all new posts will be here. I was not sure what to write in my blog number one, but a nice short trip to Birmingham helped me with my dilemma. As it is “off with the old” and “on with the new”, I think blog from this town might be just perfect! There are some spectacular old buildings there and some stunning new ones, there are also plenty of old warehouses sympathetically restored and transformed into flats, shops and restaurant. For someone navigationally challenged like myself, it was quite a task to get through the suburbs of Birmingham that spread for miles, but I thought it might be easier in the centre. Not so! All this one way streets and underpasses made me go in circles quite a few times. I have placed a sticker on my dashboard: I need to buy sat nav!!! The very first place I wanted to see in Birmingham was the New Library in the Centenary Square. I saw some drawings of the new building designed by Dutch firm Macanoo and wasn’t sure if in reality it will be that great. Was I wrong! It is stunning, so unashamedly modern but so elegant at the same time. Its delicate metal filigree circles fit Birmingham past craftsmanship perfectly. The juxtaposition of it and the classical white Hall of Memory next to it is bold and splendid. Old and new, soft and glossy, white and gold. Love it!  One hundred and fifty pictures later (well, perhaps not that many) I have turned away from the building and wow, glad I was I had my sunglasses on! Ahead of me, in front of the Hyatt hotel is the statue of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch. Gilded so brightly it seems that it sucked all the gold from the top of the New Library plus from all the stars that the Broad Street is paved with!  Nicknamed “The Golden Boys” (didn’t I tell you?), the statue is the work of William Bloye and it depicts three pioneers of the industrial revolution in late 18th century England.  With my eyes almost shut I have approached the statue and suddenly the feeling of warmth filled me. I like the scrolls in their hands reflecting light in all directions, I like the fancy coats and elegant shoes, I like positive energy of the statue. It is a pain to photograph as camera struggles with highlights but pictures look good, especially when I use Hyatt hotel as a background. After I have finished with the statue, I needed a cool drink, so a short walk to some restful canals and a trendy bar finished my trip.








  1. JoannaJoanna09-02-2012

    Beata, congratulations on starting a new blog! It looks excellent – more to read, more to see, more to enjoy! But I hope your previous blog (I can’t call it old) will be available for long as I like reading some passages from it over and over again. They always make me happy and uplifted, like the one about ‘unkept gardens’. The moment I read it, I stopped feeling guilty and uneasy that I left my garden untidy for winter. On the contrary, I now call it an artistic and eco-friendly attitude.
    Very often it is just the sophisticated language that matters. Saying that you are ‘navigationally challenged’ (just like me) sounds much better than saying you are hopeless at finding your way or you lose your way easily. 🙂 I wish you many eventful journeys.

  2. adminadmin09-02-2012

    Joanna, thank you so much, it was high time to improve my web and blog, but it takes so much time and I can’t find the shop selling time 🙂 . It seems that we are both navigationally and garden challenged, let it be our only worries in life! So glad you like my little stories, I promise more to come. The old blog stays as it is but no new posts will be added.

  3. JoannaJoanna09-02-2012

    I like your new blog for one more reason, a practical/technical one. I do not have to prove I am not a robot. What a relief for a person like myself, that has failed the test many a time. 🙂

  4. adminadmin09-02-2012

    I know what you mean and I hope I will not need to add extra security, but there is so much spam and malicious posts all around! Let’s hope for the best and keep things simple!

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