Scotney Castle

I have visited one of England’s most romantic, Scotney Castle for the first time in the Autumn, when my hand was in plaster.  I just hated it! Not the place, my plaster! I was however so determined, that plaster, or no plaster, I still was taking pictures.  The 14th century castle is, oh so very picturesque, and there I was with my heavy Canon trying clumsily to support it on my plaster on the right hand and with my left hand, to reach to the right hand side of the top plate to press the button. Not easy, trust me and hilarious view for the people nearby.  The garden surrounding the ruins and the moat was just screaming reds and yellows, the leaves of the trees so very saturated and colourful! A quick history lesson, the castle which we see today was created in the 1830’s by Edward Hussey III.  The original castle was built by Roger Ashburnham in 1378 and for some 350 years it stayed in hands of Darell family. Edward Hussey III built here a new castle (looking very old) and new mansion (looking old but not as old as the castle) and I assume lived here very happily, I know I would, as the place is truly romantic and picturesque.  In 1970, the old castle and gardens were left to the National Trust and thanks to that I can roam around the fairytale ruins and look at the moat expecting a ghost dripping with slime to emerge. What castle story would be complete without a gruesome story and a ghost!!! Arthur Darrell, the owner, is thought to have staged his own funeral (don’t expect me to answer why anyone would want to do it) and after his ‘death’, he has taken to smuggling. Found out and captured by revenue official, killed him and threw the body into the moat. From time to time, this poor man leaves his watery grave and hammers at the door of the castle. So far, I still haven’t got the picture of the ghost, but I come here every Autumn, as I am so happy that I can hold the camera in both hands and take pictures without sloppy horizon!

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