Merry Christmas

As it is my last blog this year, I would like to wish Merry Christmas to everybody! I hope the New Year will be fantastic and wish all of you, my friends all the best. I also want to share the best with you, and what is better to share than a bit of snow at Christmas time? These pictures were taken in two of my favourite ski resorts, Ischgl and Lech in Austria. No spectacular sunsets or sunrises, just the pleasure of a ride in the gondola, a view from the top of the mountains, a picturesque village and a splash of a colour on virgin white snow, all under a crystal clear blue sky with the skis attached to my boots. I haven’t started skiing as a child, so my first attempts as an adult were quite scary and funny at the same time. I have achieved quite a lot though; to start with, I managed to knock off the skis the top and the most experienced ski instructor in front of all his colleagues – all that just getting off the chair lift! Well, serves him right for dragging me to the red run when I was still struggling with the blue ones! Still, I owe Rudi (my poor instructor) a lot, as without his encouragement, I would stay on nursery slopes all my life. Skiing, like many other things in life, is partly skill, partly self belief, so a bit of a push is good for us. Perhaps next year I will push myself a bit more and work on mountain photography? Who knows? The best example for me in this field is Colin Prior; his photography is such an inspiration and the effort he puts into all his projects is exemplary. May 2013 bring us a bit of a challenge and a lot of satisfaction while achieving our goals!








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