A child in me

Winter this year really got to me and I already started thinking about holidays. I remember my long summer holidays by the sea when a beach was not a beach but a grand castle and the sea was not a sea but the enemy army attacking the castle moats and fortifications. My hasty actions to reinforce the walls were not always successful and I could see the mighty walls disappearing under the powerful waves and the building process was starting yet again. It seems that this little child in me never left, as even today I am still building castles from time to time but more often I admire sand sculptures on the beaches and of course, I take pictures of them. These pictures were taken in Algarve in the World of Sand and the size of some of these sculptures is truly impressive. The sculptures are made from tonnes of sand, it is not however the beach sand, as it would too soft, to round. The best is building sand with more square-ish grains. To dispel a myth, I must add that the sand pushed tight is not enough to keep the sculpture in its form, so often some sort of glue is added to sand and water. Glue or no glue, I admire the sculptures from the distance but still the castles from my childhood were more fun, despite their crooked towers and broken walls!


sand6 sand5 sand4 sand3


  1. JoannaJoanna03-17-2013

    Winter this year really got to us all! I talked to Jadzia the other day and she did not beat about the bush when she said what winter had done to her, using straightforward, explicit words. 🙂
    I love the monumental golden sand sculptures in your photographs. Never mind the technological process of creating them. They look absolutely marvellous. I hope it does not often rain in Algarve so that the beach wonders can remain in the perfect state for weeks.
    Your post has brought back very happy memories of my childhood. I remember building sand castles surrounded by moats very well, and digging deep holes to obtain handfuls of wet sand – the wetter the better building material. It seems we all are still children deep down.

  2. adminadmin03-17-2013

    Actually it does rain in Algarve and I survived one of their sudden and powerful storm in June; I cannot comprehand how the sand sculptures survived that! Still, Algarve is supposedly more sunny than Florida, so who needs Miami 🙂 ! Going back to childhood, yes we are still children deep down and let’s hope we will never fully grow up as that would be boring!

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