Dark Black

Kristina Train sings “Dark black is the colour of my life since you’ve been gone” and it seems that since the sun has gone my life in the last couple of months was in monochrome. Everything was dark, brown, or black. No green leaves on trees, lead sky, no flowers. Somehow depressing but as a photographer I should not say that black is depressing! When I was a child, all photographs were black&white and I never thought for the moment it was depressing! Is it the oversaturation of the colour photography, manipulated currently to an extreme that I somehow started to feel this way? I still think that monochrome is very interesting and possibly it is the best way to show form and texture. Relying only on tonal contrast and light create additional obstacles, but can give very rewarding results. Lately I have seen many photos converted to black & white for no other reason but to add the “artistic feel”. Bad picture will not become miraculously artistic by converting it into a monochrome. It will still be the same bad picture. With a helping hand of nature that sprinkled Surrey with snow (that brighten my life for a short period but made life extremely difficult for people in northern England and Ireland), I did manage to capture a few wintery images of London and suburbs. Despite the frost, snow cover was thin and didn’t last long but I enjoyed photographic challenges and wasn’t moaning that my feet and hands are cold (OK, I did a bit); I did not enjoy getting stuck in Polesden Lacey car park though! For a fleeting minute I thought, forget about environment and the cost, buy yourself a 4×4!!! Today, still jeep-less but with a few more winter pictures, I have happily converted some of them to black&white. More artistic? Nope, but different and perhaps some details showed better by less distractions of the multitude of tones and shades!



  1. SusuSusu04-06-2013

    first of all: I like your blog, Beata!
    And ja – the truth is that with a camera in my hand the strange spring-winter this year feels so good and has a lot to offer while other people do suffer considerably from the lack of light…

  2. adminadmin04-06-2013

    Thank you Susu! Yes, this winter was crazy in UK but on the continent, people are fed up with snow. Let’s hope that proper Spring will come soon and we can get a bit more colourful landscapes!

  3. jadwigajadwiga04-27-2013

    A ja kocham czarno białe fotografie są inne i pełne wyrazu

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