I am a professional photographer and writer living in Kingston-upon-Thames, England. I am an author of five coffee table books and two visitor guidebooks. Commissions by publishers helped to establish my reputation as a landscape and architectural photographer. I travel widely on both personal and commissioned projects for commercial and editorial related clientele.

My work is diverse, from wider views to smaller details and abstract images, both in colour and black & white. I undertake commissions for a wide range of clients, supply images to stock agencies and enjoy exhibiting my work on a regular basis. Working on books is especially close to my heart, therefore I am always happy to collaborate with publishers on interesting projects. 

I have always had a keen interest in nature and art, but it was travelling that first inspired my love of photography. I attained a postgraduate degree in botany and at first, many of my photographs showed the natural world. Soon into my photographic career I established a preference for seascapes and waterscapes, but also a fascination with human ingenuity in creating architectural masterpieces. I am particularly drawn to the subtleties of smaller details of landscape and architecture providing me with endless patterns, shapes and textures. Strong composition and colour harmonies enable me to encapsulate the spirit of the places. When photographing the sea, I interpret its ever changing moods and often abstract away from the literal subject matter. While photographing land and forests, I explore the shadows and light trying to find interesting shapes, rhythm and forms. In urban landscapes I seek a visual tension; high drama of noir approach is not only timeless, but also allows me to reveal the best qualities of the buildings and other man made objects. I also enjoy the challenges of experimenting with different photographic and post-processing techniques. In my impressionistic works my love of colour influenced by the paintings of Turner and Monet is visible.

I relish experiencing new places, creating images capturing the world I see, and exhibiting my work regularly. My photographs and articles have been published in numerous publications and used by multiple organisations. My images have been widely exhibited at galleries across the UK, including Joe Cornish Galleries, the Photographers’ Gallery and OXO Gallery in London, and are held in private collections in the USA, UK and Europe. I am also regularly asked to judge many prestigious photo competitions, such as the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Having learned my craft with film cameras, both 35mm and medium format, I now work exclusively with digital cameras. Currently my equipment list comprises of Canon mirrorless bodies and Canon lenses from wide angle to a 400mm, Lee and Hoya filters, Benro and Manfrotto tripods, as well as Lowepro and Manfrotto backpacks.

Varsovian by birth, I am a self-confessed Anglophile and live in Kingston-upon-Thames, England with my husband John. When I am not working, I like to swim, snorkel and be near the sea to witness and experience its immense power. In the dark, I love wandering the streets of interesting towns and cities admiring historic sites, contemporary architecture, as well as abandoned buildings. I am very passionate about creative freedom; freedom to choose freely my subjects and freedom to evolve as a result of pushing photographic boundaries, underpinned by my endless enthusiasm and curiosity.

I do hope you will enjoy looking at my portfolio and will connect with me on social media.


  • The Surrey Hills
  • Portrait of Wimbledon
  • The Channel Islands
  • The Square Mile – a photographic portrait of the City
  • A year in the life of the Cotswolds
  • Cracow city of treasures
  • A year in the life of the New Forest


  • OXO Gallery, “Vision 9”, April 2018
  • Joe Cornish Gallery, “First Light Inspired”, Northallerton, March 2017
  • The Little Barn, “The Winter’s Tale”, Elstead, December 2016
  • OXO Gallery, “Vision Five”, London, November 2015
  • OXO Gallery, “Mistresses of Light”, London, September 2015
  • Nostra Galeria, “Green Queen”, Westerham, Kent, May 2005
  • The Eagle Gallery, “Dreamscapes”, Epsom, Surrey, April 2004
  • The ICC, “Focus on Imaging”, Birmingham, March 2002
  • The Photographers’ Gallery, “Four Seasons”, London, January 2002
  • The ICC, “Focus on Imaging”, Birmingham, March 2000


  • Professional Photo Magazine
  • Amateur Photographer Magazine
  • Digital Photographer Magazine
  • Visual Art RPS Magazine
  • Art and Culture Magazine
  • Photography News
  • Wiltshire Life
  • Surrey Life Magazine
  • This England
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  • Landscape Photography Magazine
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  • Charm spills from the pages of Beata Moore’s book of photographs; a sumptuous book”

    Hampshire Society
  • Joining Beata Moore on her journey through the Cotswolds is a true feast for the eyes”

    Gloucestershire Echo
  • Ms Moore’s is a guide to the city’s past and more to the point, present, illustrated with her stunning, evocative photographs”

    Nottingham Evening Post
  • This very enjoyable and well produced book of photographs will have you noticing details and perspective you have not seen in real life, even for those who have spent many years working and socialising in the City of London”

    London Society Journal