Kindled by the Moon

A project that I have been working on for a while, now is beautifully printed and leather bound. The book, ‘Warsaw – Kindled by the Moon’ is lush and expensive, no commercial sense really, but it will always take me back to this beautiful place. It is all about Warsaw’s Old Town unique atmosphere of yesteryear. Warsaw was once known as the ‘Paris of the East’ because of its Baroque beauty, wide boulevards, opulent churches, grand palaces, and colourful mansions. When visiting, as the night comes, I usually head to the Old Town, the true heart of Warsaw. In the dark, magic happens there: uneven cobbled alleys lit sparingly and kindled by the moon, look as if from a bygone era. Streets look mysterious, and buildings – a bit neglected, solid, and inscrutable. I know all the legends and history of this place well, I admire its architecture and quirky street names make me smile: Skewed Circle, Narrow Danube, Stone Steps. This place has a special allure for me as a photographer and a person, that is why the book has been created. Pure labour of love. Just for myself. Below a couple of images from the book.