Creative Freedom

Recently, my article about Creative Freedom has been published in Visual Art, the RPS Magazine; here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

I have never liked to define my approach to photography in great depths because it feels quite limiting. I enjoy capturing and creating an eclectic mix of photographs and relish the freedom of expression that comes with it. I embrace both, the classic photography with its black and white roots and colour photography, as well as contemporary abstracts firmly anchored in a digital world. Freedom to do exactly what I want photographically is very important to me; freedom to choose my subjects, freedom to evolve that is underpinned by learning and combined with a huge dose of curiosity and endless enthusiasm. The classic black and white approach suits two subjects that I love, the sea and architecture. Recently I also seek ways to bring to life my more contemporary work. Multi exposures, ICM or blending layers allow me to create images that are not physically accurate but portray the essence of a place. It is a direct result of years of challenging myself with new photographic and digital techniques and experimentation. I like these types of images as they leave room for imagination instead of feeding a more literal scene.

You can read more about what inspires me in the summer issue of Visual Art, the RPS Magazine.