Personal Perspective

In the early days of my photographic journey, I assumed that people are only interested in my photographs, not my personal life. After a few exhibitions and camera clubs’ talks I realised that this is not the case. As a result, I wrote a little bit more about myself on my new website. I am Varsovian by birth and live in Kingston-upon-Thames, England with my husband John. When I am not working, I like to swim and be near the sea to witness and experience its immense power. In the dark, I love wandering the streets of interesting towns and cities admiring historic sites, contemporary architecture, as well as abandoned buildings. I love creating images capturing the world I see, and exhibiting my work regularly. I also like writing, writing about technical and creative stuff, as well as my travels. My articles have been published in numerous publications and it is there that you can find some additional information, both about my work and what my interests are. In recent publications, you can find me in Professional Photographer Issue 193 in Pro Talk ‘Changing Times’, Digital Photographer Issue 253 in ‘Let’s get stock in’ and in Amateur Photographer in May 2022, in a lovely double spread ‘Squarescapes’.